Donations of books to the library

Interested in donating a book you've written about your family history to our collection?  Please download the Library Donation Form available here and use our main mailing address of 120 Kent Street for delivery, as there is no postal service to the building in which our library is housed at 379 Kent Street.

If you have other books you think might be suitable for our collection, please check our library catalogue first to make sure we don't already hold them, and then email details to the librarian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm that we will accept them.   

Donations to the Manuscript & Image Collection

The Society actively encourages donations of material to this collection.  A copy of the donation form is available for download here.

Read our Background Information Leaflet here on donating material to the SAG.  We've also designed a one-page assessment form which you can download here - this will assist us to understand what sort of material you'd like to place in our collection.

Identifying items you'd like to deposit with the SAG:  Worried that some of your research might be thrown out if you aren't around to manage it?  We've designed a page of Preservation Stickers you can download here to help identify important genealogical information.  They're designed to work with Avery L7162FO Fluoro Laser Labels, but there's a word version here which you can also use to design your own.