In 2014 the Society established the annual Croker Prize for Biography in memory of our generous Benefactors Colin and Loas Croker.  In 2014 and 2015 two prizes of $1000 were available; one the Members' Choice and the other the SAG Board Prize chosen by the Croker Committee.  Following feedback from members the guidelines were revised for 2016 and one prize of $1000 is now awarded for the best entry as judged by the Croker Prize Committee. Every financial member can submit one entry each year.

2017 Entries

The theme for 2017 was 'A Tough Life'.  

Congratulations to Kim Hatherly for her entry ' A Boy from Shoreditch' which was announced in September 2017 as the winning entry.  You can read Kim's work, together with all the other entries received, below.  The winning entry also appeared in the September issue of Descent.

 2016 Entries

The theme for 2016 was 'The Ancestor I most admire is .... ' and the winner was Christine Collins with her essay Dan's Legacy. This was published in the September issue of Descent and is reproduced below.  There were 25 entries and all are able to be downloaded individually by following the links below, or you can download one composite file here.  

 2015 Entries

The theme for 2015 was My Immigrant's Story.  

Member Bob Wright scooped the pool, winning both the Members' Choice Prize and the Board Prize.  His winning essay can be read below.

2014 Entries

The theme for 2014 was The Blackest Sheep in My Family's Flock was ....

The winning entries are shown below:.