In 2014 the Society established the annual Croker Prize for Biography in memory of our generous Benefactors Colin and Loas Croker. 

From 2016 one prize is awarded annually,  Details of the current competition and the entry form are available here

Entries remain on the website for the current and previous year and are then transferred to the Society's digital archive system, where they will be found through the MIDAS catalogue.

You'll find entries for previous years here 


Previous Winners: 

2018 - 'A life-changing experience' - Winner Patricia Smith - 'A double-edged sword' 

2017 - 'A Tough Life' - Winner Kim Hatherly - A Boy from Shoreditch' 

2016 - 'The Ancestor I most admire is ... ' - Winner Christine Collins - Dan's Legacy

2015 - 'My immigrant's story' - Winner Bob Wright - Granny Greenhalgh (2015 Board Prize & 2015 Members' Choice Prize) 

2014 - 'The blackest sheep in my family's flock was ...'

             Winner Members's Choice Category - Bob Wright - Old Brine: Terror of the Richmond River (Brian O'Neil)  

             Winner Board Category - Elizabeth Adams - Sailing Uncharted Waters - the wreck of Master Mariner William



2018 entries:  

You can read each of the 2018 entries by clicking on the hyperlink below.  This year the judges awarded one entry a 'Highly Commended' in addition to the winning entry.  

1801 A Double-edged Sword - Patricia Smith - Winner 2018 Croker Prize for Biography 
1802 Operation Pied Piper - Mary Collis Bird - Highly Commended 2018  
1803 Out of Ireland—a Biography: The Changing Life of Magy Gallagher - Rae Luckie
1804 The Disappearing Boots - Jim Fleming
1805 'Transported to New South Wales - a New Life for Daniel Lewellyn' - Alison Meldrum
1806 The Worst Christmas - Gillian Kendrigan
1807 A Love of Words - Veronica Wark
1808 Exiled to Success - Thomas Blandthorn - Michelle Watson
1809 A Little Chat with Their Chemist - Ray Parkins
1810 The ‘Poor Man’s Friend’ Meets a Rich Man’s Foe - Wendy Pryor
1811 Henry Betteley Jefferson’s ‘Life-Changing Experience” - Lynne Bagwell 
1812 ‘Mary Ann Parker - Out of the Shadows’ - Caroline Haigh
1813 "A Parkhurst Lad" - Stephen McGrath