Interested in visiting a museum or place of historical significance in the company of other family historians?   We regularly run tours to places of historical interest around Sydney and surrounding areas.

We also offer a wide range of courses and workshops which are not only a great way to improve your research skills but can also help you learn about records that will help you trace your own family history. These are held on both Saturdays and weekdays. We also have regular meetings of Research and Software groups, so if your interest is English research, using software to store your data or writing up your family history, for example, you can come along to informal meetings where you have the chance to share your knowledge and problems with others.  

Some of our sessions are ’hands on’ computer courses where you can sit in front of a PC and learn from an expert how to navigate Ancestry or FindMyPast. Other hands-on sessions can be location-based, focussing on how to do online research on a specific county of England or Ireland. Plus you get the handout with all the links emailed to you afterwards so you can put into practice what you’ve been shown once you go home.

And if coming into the SAG’s buildings in the Sydney CBD is not possible, we offer a range of webinars where you can stay in the comfort of your own home while we bring our courses to you! You can watch and participate live, or just watch the recording afterwards when it suits you. Webinars are a great way to learn from us if you can’t physically make it into the city, or there aren’t enough hours in your day.

Check our range of upcoming activities here – we look forward to welcoming you to one of these session soon.


Have you seen the latest new additions to our collections?

We’re always adding new material in both the library and manuscript holdings.

On the front screen of the library catalogue you can scroll through the books and pamphlets we’ve recently added to the collection – you never know what you might find!

And our volunteers are always indexing new records to add into our manuscript and image collection  – you won’t believe some of the treasures we hold. Look out for highlighted items like this one on the front page when you visit the MIDAS catalogue.

It’s hard to keep up with everything that is happening in family history and here at the Society, but we make it easier for you by sending out a monthly newsletter and update about our events.

And you don’t’ have to be a member either, although naturally there are benefits if you do choose to join us, which we hope you will.

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Looking for the right software program to store all your family history information? Thinking of buying a scanner so you can capture all those old colour prints you’ve got tucked away before they begin to fade? Or have you heard about a great new family history title and are wondering where you might find it?

Check our online shop – we have a specialist range of items designed for all family historians – both new and experienced. We offer these at competitive prices and you can either collect them from us or we’ll post them out to you.

You can also browse the range during library hours at 379 Kent Street.

We’ve been helping people trace their family histories since 1932 – so if you are just starting out and need a bit of guidance or you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything you’ve already found, a visit to our research centre at 379 Kent Street might be the next best step.

Or perhaps you’ve just struck that proverbial brick wall – it’s looking like great-great-granddad swam to Australia in the 1870s, and his wife is now 165 and you still haven’t found her death record. Remember the saying ‘a problem shared is a problem solved’? Well, we can’t always perform miracles, but we can often suggest resources to look at which might help. And sometimes an experienced eye can see clues in a birth, death or marriage certificate that you don’t.   It’s especially important to remember that only a fraction of genealogically-useful information is online, so the answer to your research question might be in a book or a manuscript in our collection.

Why not pay us a visit and see if we can help? You can come along for the day and get assistance for a small fee, and of course we’d love to welcome you as a member too! Find out more about visiting us.